March 7, 2012


I love how our fridge looks right now. It's overflowing with green: baby spinach, arugula, mustard and turnip greens, herbs, kale... The farmer's market is waking up, and after months of root vegetables, I can finally begin to gorge myself on myriad earthy, peppery, fresh salads.

It doesn't even really matter what's in this particular one (arugula, cilantro, red onion, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese). What matters is that it's here. Things are growing again. Spring means strawberries and asparagus and even more greens. And I also can't help but look forward to summer - huge tomatoes, okra, wild blueberries, hot peppers...

Which reminds me - I need to get cracking on our vegetable garden, so I can grow my own salads.