April 17, 2012


Top: The north plot. This is what it looked like two weeks ago.

Middle: Beet sprouts. I love that they're already bright fuschia.

Middle: I'm planting five sprouted garlic cloves on a whim. Why not?

Middle: Potted arugula, take two. So I can have a never-ending supply.

Bottom: Herb redux. See below.

Both plots, overall, are coming along nicely. Micah's beans have gone apeshit. Everything in the north plot has sprouted and is 0.5 - 1" tall.

A few slight setbacks: the summer squash fell to borers; we bought seedlings at the farmer's market last weekend and have already replanted. Some of my cilantro fell after the late frosts we got last week; I've already reseeded (I'm taking my own advice about planting herbs and direct-sowing this time). I'm thinking of them less as setbacks and more as learning experiences; we're just kind of rolling the dice this year, and seeing what does well and what doesn't.