April 18, 2012


Sometimes, you just need dessert. NOW. And you don't have the patience (or resources) to hunt down a recipe, nevermind going out to procure any ingredients you need to complete said recipe.

Sometimes, you just need to make shit up and see what happens.

All that to say, there's no recipe for what you see above. Technically, they're peanut butter cookies. So, a lot of peanut butter, some sugar, maybe an egg, a little flour. Oh - and this shows my complete baking ignorance but whatever - I have no idea what the difference is between baking powder and baking soda, so I added a little of both. A touch of homemade vanilla extract. I rolled them into balls, covered them in sugar, and smashed them down onto the pan with a fork. I only baked them for like 7 minutes - juuuust until they looked alllmost done - then added shards of leftover dark chocolate (from those strawberries we had at Easter) to melt on their tiny, Frankenstein heads.

Sometimes, making shit up as you go along pays off. In life, and more importantly, in cookies.

These were impossibly soft and light, even after they had cooled, and especially considering how little flour was included. They tasted like "real" cookies, you know? Which, on one hand, makes me regret not paying more attention to what I was doing when I was so haphazardly throwing them together, because now they'll never be exactly re-creatable. But, on the other hand, has emboldened me to make more shit up and see what happens.