April 25, 2012


I recently made some more peanut butter ice cream. Couldn't help it. Had to be done. It's so easy to make, and so peanut-buttery. I've wanted to make some more of that amazing chocolate ice cream too, but damn, it's as time-consuming and finicky as the peanut butter one is easy (which is, of course, also part of the reason why I love it).

And so, the above abomination happened.

I supplement my raging ice cream habit with store-bought versions all the time. Can't help it. Has to be done. Usually some simple flavor that can be jazzed up and take my mind off of the fact that it's not homemade. Some versions are of a higher quality than others. So when I made peanut butter ice cream, I was like, "Oh snap. Store-bought chocolate is a no-brainer. It'll be just like combining the peanut butter ice cream with the sexy I'm-too-lazy-to-make-it-myself chocolate ice cream. Hard work averted. Mental self-high-five!"

The chocolate ice cream is fine on it's own. Really, it is. But when combined in equal proportions with the peanut butter ice cream... it's sad. Too light, hollow-tasting, weak. But what a good idea, right? Peanut-butter-cup sundae? I thought so.

Now, I use the chocolate ice cream as filler. Yeah. I put a scoop of it down as a base, then hide that scoop with an equal scoop of the peanut butter. That way the peanut butter hits all my taste buds first, covering the sad, spineless chocolate chaser. And the best part? It makes the peanut butter ice cream last longer.

Or rather, made it last longer. Because as much as I'm pseudo-complaining and belittling this, I've been eating it for dessert on the daily for the last week and a half. And now it's all gone.

Couldn't help it.