April 23, 2012


Above: Saturday's breakfast. I'm calling it the Breakfast Burger. Breakfast sausage patty on a yeast roll with melted Camembert, caramelized onions, an over-easy egg, hot pepper jelly, chopped roasted tomatoes and garlic, and green onions. The fork and knife proved unnecessary. Probably my favorite Weekend Breakfast to date. Hot damn.

Sunday's breakfast was a toasted bagel and cream cheese with coffee from Starbucks - we went to the mall in Raleigh as early as possible to beat the rush, and I refuse to shop without a solid carb base.

This weekend worked (see previous post). On Saturday I took a nap for the first time in forever, and tended Englewood Gardens. We're having a few frosty nights this week, so I'm putting off thinning seedlings until after they hopefully survive that.

Also, just so you know, tonight is World Book Night. Celebrate accordingly. I'm currently rereading A Clash of Kings (in conjunction with finishing Season 1 of Game of Thrones), and I'm always open to must-read recommendations.