April 16, 2012


Top: The Beermosa at Dain's. Allagash White Ale topped with fresh orange juice. We returned for brunch on Saturday, and I knew I had to try it to continue my ongoing quest to sample (and catalog) every beer/citrus combination in the entire world. It did not disappoint. White/wheat ales are perfect with orange juice - as would any beer you would naturally garnish with an orange slice. And it didn't hurt that it was waaaay stronger than what I'm used to in manmosas. Cheers.

Below: Sunday's breakfast. Cinnamon-y banana pancakes with a fried egg and a side of strawberries.

I would like to call attention to my first official use of produce from my garden - the chocolate mint garnish on the strawberries. Yes. Prolific, I know. But I've got to start somewhere.