April 9, 2012


Top: Saturday's breakfast. Caramelized apple french toast with scrambled eggs and bacon. The perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Middle and bottom: Sunday's breakfast. Biscuits and gravy with an egg, sunny-side-up. Classic Micah.

I was in Virginia most of last Thursday and Friday art-directing a television shoot (hence the lack of posting). It's something I've started to do a little more of lately, and while I find it thrilling, I'm also completely exhausted by the end of them. Being out of one's comfort zone for long periods of time will do that. But I can feel myself growing and learning, so it's worth it.

Anyway, when I was reaching the end of the day, and starting to wilt a bit, I started to think about the upcoming weekend. The light at the end of the tunnel. Pinching weeds in the garden(s). Watching Game of Thrones. Establishing some new Easter traditions with Micah. It helped me power through the end of the shoot, and the 3.5-hour drive home.

More on those new Easter traditions tomorrow.