April 24, 2012


Above: A tiny, pretty, free bouquet of buttercups from the yard. For me, The Never-Ending Edit means constantly re-evaluating whether your stuff is useful, beautiful, or crap, but it also means being open to usefulness and beauty in things that are more often overlooked.

This morning, I put out three bag-piles for pick-up donation to the VVA. Dresses that I haven't worn in a year or two, semi-formal shoes that just aren't me anymore, books that I like but don't love, a few purses, the toaster (finally), and the percolator. (We jumped on the French-press-at-home bandwagon a few weeks ago - the size is more appropriate for our use, and it just makes me feel cool to use it, like I'm on vacation in Paris or something, but all the time, and in my own home. Dreamings.)

Micah even threw in some bulky pieces of luggage and a plastic laundry basket! So proud.

I also packed all my winter coats, scarves, gloves and bulkier sweaters into big plastic bins and shoved them in the back of my closet. The Never-Ending Edit always jump-starts me on other little domestic chores/projects like that - I'm so high on the cleansing effect of the donation that I end up roving through the rest of the house, just looking for something else to clean/throw away/repurpose/feel superior about. I'm telling you - it's addictive.