July 19, 2012


I made this one afternoon in Michigan - I wanted something summery, beachy - something I wouldn't put the time or effort into making for myself at home "in the real world." It ended up being one of the best drinks I've ever made myself. Very potent, refreshing, tart. And visually striking - the lemon held the blueberry juices at the most unbelievably vivid magenta color.

I muddled a small handful of wild blueberries, a few basil leaves, the juice of a half a lemon, and the smallest amount of sugar together with some crushed ice. Then I strained the mixture into my glass (which somehow reminds me of Moroccan tea glasses - so pretty), added ice, a heavy draw of vodka (there was a special on vodka that week at the cabin), and a splash of tonic.

I garnished it with all of the base ingredients because I'm an art director and couldn't help myself, then dubbed it the Blueberry Basil Bomb because alliteration (like repetition) is a cheap and easy copywriting tool and I couldn't help myself. Cheers.