July 27, 2012


From top to bottom: Riding my mom's sweet bike (bell and basket included, of course). A bay within a bay. One of the Point towers, now with nesting ospreys. Micah picking blueberries. Weird succulent beach grass.

One afternoon Micah and I biked to "The Point." It's a mini-peninsula about a mile down the beach from our cabins. I've been walking and biking there all my life, so it just made sense to show him this small but integral landmark.

I believe The Point is a sort of unmanned lighthouse, comprised two giant reflective towers about a half-mile apart. One sticks out into the bay, and the other is nestled back in the woods. When incoming freighters see the towers line up, they know to adjust their headings to continue their journeys to and from the St. Lawrence Seaway. But to me - it's just The Point. There are rocks in the water to climb on and find crawfish under. There are wild blueberry bushes to poach, and a hidden little mini-bay to pretend is only just now being discovered by you. (And plenty of trees to pee behind if you, like I have several times over the years, just. can't. wait. until you get back home.)