July 24, 2012


While I was in Michigan, I became enamored with a cookbook my mom had recently bought for herself: Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones, brought to life by the women who own the infamous Bi-Rite Market and Creamery in San Francisco. I would leaf through it almost daily, completely inspired by the mix of classic and inventive recipes of not only ice cream (Balsamic Strawberry, Basil, Honey Lavender?!), but sauces, cookies and cakes, even cones - everything you need to complete the Bi-Rite experience in the privacy of your own home. Because everyone knows ice cream tastes better when you're not wearing pants.

I knew all along that the first recipe I'd make was Salted Caramel ice cream. It ended up echoing my favorite flavor from The Parlour quite closely (imagine: Werthers as velvety frozen mousse), and made a tasty, thoughtful leave-behind for my family when I headed back home.

However, once I had returned home, I was still completely preoccupied with it. So I found the recipe online, and made another batch under the guise of a thank-you gift for some friends who watered our garden while we were away. I carefully set aside a pint for them (and a pint of Peanut Butter ice cream as well), and have been obsessively rationing the remainder of both ever since.