July 23, 2012


Top two: Sunday's breakfast. Egg-white omelet with pesto mushrooms and roasted tomatoes over savory baked farro. Berry salad on the side. (There was a special on egg whites after a particularly robust ice cream production session last week.)

Bottom two: Saturday's lunch. Variations on a (savory baked farro) theme. Savory farro salad with goat cheese, arugula and cherries.

Saturday morning, we hit up perennial favorite Watt's Grocery for breakfast - I had the world's biggest buttermilk pancakes with seasonal fruit and maple syrup, and Micah had some giant pile of eggs, biscuits, sausage gravy, and hash browns. Sunday morning, I took over Weekend Breakfast duties because Micah had already begun prepping to make gumbo, which takes forever and has ten thousand ingredients. The day before I had made big batches of pesto, roasted tomatoes, and savory baked farro (using this recipe), so I simply combined everything into an Egg Pile so we could inhale it and get back to articulating the exact shade of brown that denotes a finished roux (coffee-with-cream? toffee? burnt caramel? why are they all sweets?).