July 30, 2012


Top two: Saturday's breakfast. Breakfast pizza! (this was totally easy, everyone should make it next weekend) with tomato sauce, bacon, breakfast sausage, mushrooms, (an egg, of course), and basil. And a Bloody Mary. Of course.

Bottom two: Sunday's breakfast. Cheesy omelet over arugula with roasted tomatoes. Micah had a much meatier version.

This weekend I got an iPhone. !!! Yeah, my first ever. To be honest, I had been holding out for awhile. I was afraid that it might start to run me instead of the other way around, that Micah and I would become one of those silent iPhoning couples at dinner, that it would ruin quality time with friends. But I think I just need to stay conscious and considerate. Like with all things.

And on the other hand, INSTAGRAM. Truly, it was the aspect of owning an iPhone that I was most excited about. An app made for me personally, I believe. Follow me if you'd like to see even more photos of ice cream and Micah; my username is lizfabry. And please forgive the possible initial onslaught of photos; I have a lot of lost time to make up for.