July 17, 2012


Above: Recent sunset on a rural Oklahoma road near Micah's dad's house.

Remember my ongoing house saga? It's been giving me grief since last September. I neglected it for awhile, letting my negativity about the financial burden affect my responsibility. After putting on my big-girl panties and finally dealing with it in March, I got a sudden offer, only to have it fall through right after inspection. It sucked, but gave me some much-needed perspective (and a new roof).

Well, I got another offer in late May. To avoid jinxing it, I didn't really tell anyone, or allow myself to get too excited. Then, when the closing date was set for Friday, June 29th, I totally allowed myself to get excited. Because that was the day before I left for Michigan. My last day of work and responsibility and 100ยบ heat for two whole weeks. What a perfect send-off, right? That Wednesday, I bought myself a bottle of Jameson (and some Blenheim ginger ale - amazing combination) to celebrate and started writing a pithy post on The Universe and the wabi-sabi perfection of the timing.

And then, of course, it didn't work out that way. On Thursday, I found out the buyer's realtor didn't schedule the re-inspection in time, causing a delay of at least a week due to the upcoming weekend and Fourth of July holiday. I went home and, feeling a wee bit sorry for myself, heavily enjoyed some of my celebration Jameson.

I flew off to Michigan and temporarily forgot about the whole mess until after Ashley and Nate's wedding. The re-inspection and closing were re-scheduled for early the next week; I went out and bought myself a small bottle of Patron Silver to celebrate (notice a pattern?). The re-inspection unearthed another small repair that needed to be taken care of, and the closing was pushed back again, to the day I was flying out to Tulsa. I checked my email obsessively until five minutes before I left for the airport for word that it had finalized, but it never happened. So I spent the last five minutes before I left for the airport doing a salt/lime shot of the Patron with my dad and Micah, because I'll be damned if I was going to let that shit go untapped (again, pattern).

I decided to forget about the whole mess until after Micah's sister's wedding.

Yet, just as we were about to board our connection to Tulsa in Detroit, I halfheartedly checked my email one last time. Only to find that sale had just. then. finalized.

The house, sold. The financial burden, lifted. The uncertainty, over.

So, in an even better/more obnoxious example of wabi-sabi timing, I promptly boarded the plane to Oklahoma, where I no longer own property.